Zelbu Family Farm and Mill

Family. Traditions. History.


Five people, ten hands, four hundred hectars. Yes, we are pretty busy. After Lithuania regained it‘s indepence in 1991, we were one of the first families to regain our grandparents land (soviets had it for 50 years). We were not new in the agriculture. All our lives we lived surrounded by the gardens and land. We tried to grow everything from potatoes to buckwheat, barley, wheat, rye and even sugar beets. We were learning from our mistakes and nature‘s tricks and grew stronger. One step forward, two backwards. Now, with the smile on our faces, we remember old and constantly braking machinery, long queues for selling the produce, yes it was a really difficult beginning. Slowly step by step, hectare by hectare, we expanded our farmland, acquired new machinery, got used to fluctuating market rates and nature. Today we grow grains – wheat, spelt, rye, oat, peas, barley and raps.


In 2014 we opened ZELBU family mill and started to produce all types of flour – from white to whole grain. Zelbukis flour is only made from OUR HARVESTED grain and is NATURALY AGED, without added chemicals. The flour is made based on the old traditions. It is milled early in the morning, so to get the energy of the rising sun. After the flour is milled, it needs to rest and AGE from four up to six weeks. Later, it is repackaged by hands and delivered to your table.